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Hi, I am Raphael


Software Engineer

I am a passionate software developer with 14 years of experience in various projects and industries. No matter how demanding the requirements are, an individual and goal-oriented solution is always worked out. Knowledge and skills are crucial for routine and successful project processes. Thanks to agile development methods, requirements and products are delivered in a stable and traceable manner. My hobbies are evaluating new technologies, basketball, music and dance.

Software Development
Project- & Technology Consulting
Web Development
Operational infrastructure
Mobile Apps
Individuel & innovativ
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Senior Software Engineer

July 2020 - Present, Bielefeld

Development of a web-based application to determine and correct incorrect contract data for a large telecommunications service provider.

  • Implementation of various technical requirements
  • Service implementation of the database, over the backend, up to the frontend

Freelancer Software Development / Independent self-study

April 2017 - Present, Bielefeld

Mobile app development using a platform for building native applications with a source code base (using Google Flutter). Docker as support for software development and continuous delivery using the example of a Java Spring and NodeJS application.


Scientific technical staff

April 2017 - March 2019, Bielefeld

Introduction of an integrated campus management system to manage all related processes of the student life cycle (administrative staff, teachers, students) and for future-proof IT support.

  • Determination of university-specific requirements from administration, teachers and students
  • Analysis of existing systems
  • Support of the tender through identified technical university requirements
  • Installation of the software on internal IT infrastructure (on premise)

Senior Software developer

November 2016 - April 2017, Bielefeld

Development of a comprehensive energy service provider portal for the sale of individually plannable energy efficiency products including all services in the fulfillment process.


Freelancer Software Development / Independent self-study

March 2016 - November 2016, Bielefeld

Development of mobile apps using React-Native.

Freelancer Software Development / Independent self-study

April 2015 - March 2016, Bielefeld

Mobile app development using a platform for building hybrid, mobile applications.


Technical project management / Senior Software developer

October 2013 - August 2015, Bielefeld

Technical project management and development of a client touchscreen POS system for the perfumery industry.

  • Technical project management
  • Establishment of a company-wide ticket system
  • Development of various merchandise management reports
  • Implementation of various technical use cases

Software developer

April 2013 - October 2013, Hamburg

Development of a web-based, modular hospital information system with cross-sector communication.

  • Development of a tablet solution for collecting various anamnesis data
  • Implementation of various technical use cases

Consulting / Software developer

Dezember 2008 - April 2013, Espelkamp

Development of an interface within a PrintAPI for a web-based package management system for printing the parcel labels.

  • PrintAPI interface development (with connection to ZEBRA and other native printers)
  • Implementation of the print interface in the Java application

Consulting / Software developer

Dezember 2008 - April 2013, Espelkamp

Development of a service-oriented Java desktop application for order entry and parcel label printing for a large logistics service provider.

  • Implementation and update of various professional services
  • Implementation of the web services logic (for user data transfer and software update) using JAX-WS
  • Backend process implementation (with Java under productive Linux)
  • Documentation

Software developer

March 2008 - Dezember 2008, Espelkamp

Development of a J2EE-based application to support the processes for performance-based remuneration for a large company in the mechanical engineering sector.

  • New implementation and update of various technical service modules
  • Design and implementation of the masks using JSF
  • Support of a productive Ubuntu Linux system

Software tester

October 2007 - Janurary 2008, Espelkamp

Further development of a system for performance-related income determination (ERA procedure).

  • Extension of a Java desktop application
  • Configuration and support of a productive Linux system
  • Implementation of various services

Software tester

August 2007 - September 2007, Espelkamp

Analysis of ticket systems with the option of adapting to company-specific requirements.

  • Investigation and testing of Scarab
  • Investigation and testing of BugZilla
  • Investigation and testing of Mantis

Software developer

June 2007 - July 2007, Espelkamp

Development of a Java application for displaying RFID-related data in the mechanical engineering industry.

  • Interfaces investigation of an RFID reader
  • Implementation of Java application to display rudimentary information
  • Integration of the RFID reader interface into the developed Java application

Web developer

September 2006 - November 2006, Bielefeld

Development of branch-related websites.

  • Obtaining requirements
  • Design of prototypes
  • Realization of websites


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer science
  • Configuration management in high-performance, heterogeneous web service architectures.
  • Comparison of the programming languages Java and Scala with special consideration of interoperability.
Business Informatics
Taken Courses
  • Software-Engineering / -Development
  • Operating systems / Network / Security
  • Databases / SQL
  • Business administration / National economy
  • Controlling
Media informatics
Taken Courses
  • Media impact / Layouting
  • Communication / Presentation
  • Marketing / Distribution
  • Photo / Audio / Video
Information technology